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Poly, queer, kinky girls seek roommate [Aug. 18th, 2008|04:09 pm]
Toronto Feminists




You could move in any time starting from October 1st. Our priority is getting someone who is a good match for our household; timing matters less.

The building and apartment

Our apartment is in a housing co-op just south of Ryerson campus. It’s a two-bedroom plus enclosed sunroom, which is the room we’re looking to rent out. There is a shared storage room in the unit, as well as a fairly decent kitchen (newly renovated), bathroom, and living/dining room. The building has parking if you have a car (around $75/month), in-house laundry facilities (energy-efficient machines at $1/wash and $1/dry), a kids’ playroom, rooftop gardens, building lounge space, and awesome office people. The room is currently painted, but you could change that if you didn’t like the colours. Because of the proximity to the Village, there is a high percentage of queer members in the building. We are next on the waiting list for a three-bedroom apartment; the rent for you would not change much if at all, though you would need to be willing to shift apartments in the same building at some point. This would give us a spare room to turn into more common space, as well as an ensuite bath in the master bedroom (that person would be absorbing a lot of the cost difference).

Because the building is a co-op, we would prefer that you fill out the membership application when we offer you the apartment. It costs $20, and would put you on the occupancy agreement (which is no set length, but gives you access to the office and to fun social events and other things in the building).

The household

We’re looking for more than just someone to pay rent; we would prefer to do dinner together at least twice a month and to actually share some common interests. Currently, we have a clothing-optional household, with negotiated limits in place (and do not intend on changing that). Neither of us smoke, but we don’t mind if you do so long as it’s kept outside of the apartment. There is occasional drug use by our friends, but not in the apartment. Neither us nor our friends do “hard” drugs, and we would not be willing to live with someone who does. Actual household rules are in flux, but we would want to negotiate them (i.e., chores, cleaning, etc.) when we decide that you’re going to move in!

The pets

There are currently two cats and a rat living in the apartment. The cats roam the apartment while the rat is in a cage in one of the bedrooms (and as such, is rarely noticeable). The building does not allow dogs (or any more cats), but if you happened to have certain other kinds of pets (i.e., fish or something), we’d likely be able to work with that.

The people

darkestembrace – a bi, poly, kinky, occasional gamer. She just finished teacher’s college and is hoping to be working as a high school teacher this year. She volunteers a fair bit, mostly in the fields of sexual education and youth sports, and runs a local kink organization. Although she likes to be social with friends at home and elsewhere, she’s also a bit of a bookworm and an internet addict. She eats meat, but is okay around people who don’t.

poeticinsomniac – a bi, poly, kinkster. She works two jobs and is generally not home a lot. She watches a lot of movies and tends to spend quite a bit of her free time quietly in her room, though we hope to get her to spend more social time with roommates. Her best friend is vegetarian, so she’s very vegetarian-oriented, even though she does eat meat on occasion. Like darkestembrace, she isn’t a morning person, but has to deal with it regularly in order to get up for work.


$450 (includes water and cable)
+ 1/3 of hydro every 2 months (ranges from around $50-100 pre-split depending on time of year, etc.)
+ $17 a month for internet (we have a WiFi/Ethernet router you can hook up to); this may go down if we switch to a different provider

When you move in, there will also be an $83 damage deposit (it’s levied by the building) that will be returned to you when you move out assuming that you haven’t done anything crazy or broken walls or anything. If you have not been approved for building membership at that point, there will also be a refundable $25 deposit for your building key, which is returned to you once you are a co-op member.

About you

You should be a lot like us! We are looking, in particular, to someone who is sex positive, open-minded, and non-judgemental. You should be one or more of: poly, lgbtq, kinky, geeky, or gothy. We are looking for a female roommate, though most bois and people who are genderqueer are included in that. (Really, we’re just not interested in living with the typical “straight male”.) Also, we would prefer someone around our age – somewhere in their 20s. We’re not looking for someone who is really loud, particularly in the mornings, who is messy (what you do in your room is fine ... dirty dishes and common space is not), or who isn’t going to be able to deal with and be comfortable with our lifestyle choices. If you think we might get along, toss us a line!

How to respond

Get hold of us by emailing me at darkestembraces AT gmail DOT com. If you have limited access to email, please give us a phone number where you can be contacted. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose to respond to this housing ad. At the least, make yourself sound more interesting than “hi, i’m looking 4 a room?!?”