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Welcome to Toronto's Feminist Livejournal Community

This feminist forum is a community designed for Toronto feminist related discussion.


Lj-cut: Large images, images containing graphic content, community advertisements, long posts and posts containing graphic information should be placed behind and properly labeled lj-cut.

Survior blaming: blaming survivors who have been assaulted or impacted by violence is anti-feminists. The moderators will freeze comments that blame survivors and ban the offendors.

Language: this community is not a place for phobic language of any type. Offenders who use phobic language will be banned and their posts/comments will be frozen.

Repetitive posting: you are urged to check back at least 20 entries before posting something new. Google is an excellent resource for general enquiries.

Respect: Remember that everyone has the right to their opinion.

Since this is a Toronto community please try and keep the posts Toronto related.

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